Monday, May 24, 2004

Could you be...

the most beautiful girl in the world!!!

You can go to this site and see lots of Magdalena! One picture will take you to her fotolog, another will take you to a page where you can see little snippets of her in real life action, and another will take you to her blog. :) My hubby has been hard at work.

Eventually we hope for a fotolog picture to take you to a gallery type place, but we don't quite know how to install it as of yet!

Erich is home this week on vacation so I'll either blog tons, or none at all. :) It's nice having him home. Like right now, Magdalena is in his lap not shrieking at me and I've browsed nursing apparel websites and folded some laundry and composed this entry without interruption! :) Yay!

She is chewing on stuff these days. Hardcore chewing. She chomps on my fingers, Mr. Elephant, her own fingers. Everyone insists that she is teething, but she isn't flailing about and screaming. I don't feel bumps on her gums. Maybe one spot is a bit "sharp" but I never really felt around there enough to know if it is a change from something before. I find it hard to believe that she is teething so young. Maybe it is denial. I'll really miss that big gummy grin when those beautiful teeth appear. She'll be cute then, but I'll miss those gums. :) She won't ever have that gummy grin again (unless she loses her teeth later in life, which still won't be cute!). Oh well, we'll see. Maybe she will be one of those wonderful babies that just chew and chew and chew and pop teeth without all that screaming! :) One can hope right?

We all ventured out to the library this morning. It's cool outside (well 71 degrees, but compared to ninety and humid it's cool!) so it was perfect to put her in the stroller with Mr. Elephant and her blanket on walk on over to the book place. Erich checked out Lord of the Rings parts 1 and 2 and is currently watching those. I checked out some Dr. Seuss for Magdalenas daily reading sessions and Monsters INC (I love that movie!) and a Baby Einstein video (to see what all the fuss is about). This particular one speaks in several languages and while I find it rather dull, Magdalena seems to enjoy some of it. (note: do not leave me a comment telling me of the dangers of TV watching. I've read the warnings, I'm an educated mom, and I'm not sitting her in front of the ol' telly 23 hours of the day.)

Anyways, I checked out a book (something like the new moms guide or something, pure crap in it if you ask me) and while looking at this particular section I found this book called "Bottlefeeding without Guilt". I looked at the back and it said how the book discussed how to store and mix etc etc etc, nutritional facts and cost saving tips for different kinds of formula (cause if you do use formula, you're gonna be broke apparently) and last but not least... **drum roll**.... THE OVERSELLING OF THE BREAST! That made my blood pressure jump at least a few notches. A) How can you oversell something that is perfection? and B) How many damn commercials do you see on TV telling you breastfeed your baby? NONE! Sure some formula commercials will say "switch between breast and bottle" or in fine print on the TV that not even beyond perfect vision can read "breast is best." It enraged me I tell you. Bah. I had to get that off my chest. Anyways, we're off to our lazy lives. Magdalena needs a nap and I still have taped ER reruns from this morning to finish watching. (Yes, Alicia, I know I'm a freak!)

Speaking of Alicia, she is my cousin and she has started up her own blog! So go on over there and give her a little shout out and say "hello!" :)

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