Friday, May 14, 2004


I switched the comments over and went back to read the comments from when Magdalena was born. I'm about to cry. I have met SO many wonderful, beautiful, incredible women. You are all so strong, compassionate and sweet. I feel like I have many many friends through this little space. You can ask Erich, I'm always talking about how I relate to so and so, how I chatted with such and such on AIM, how so and so is so cool and I wish they were closer. He's been impressed with all of you wonderful ladies. I've printed out the comments from when I went to the hospital, when she was born, and a few days afterwards. I'm going to put them in her baby book box so later she can read the comments from all of the wonderful ladies who were waiting with baited breath for her to come into this world. You guys truly rock.

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