Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Vote

Let's take a vote, mmkay? Let's say you send your child to a sitter during the day. Now this sitter doesn't make very much an hour, you can cancel on her at any point during the day, you have her do crazy stupid stuff, and always have special instructions. Now, this sitter is taking your child to preschool three times a week. She has to drop the child off and pick her up. This entails loading her own child into a car, shuffling them both around and going to the school. At the school the sitter has to walk your child in the door, which means she has to take her child out of the car too. Remember that winter is approaching fast and that will start to be a royal PITA. So on to the question. Do you pay her $3.50 for the hours that the child is in preschool?

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