Thursday, September 09, 2004


This will be fast. Since being home, I feel like my list of to do things gets longer and I never get anything done. I'm still feeling queasy, but somewhat better. The weird part of this flu is that I'm still very very hungry. Weird, eh? My trips to the bathroom are less but I still frequent that room often. It is really annoying though, considering my daughter doesn't want me to set her down after 6pm. Therefore I have to listen to her scream, or take her with me to the bathroom. And considering that it's the bathroom, I'm puking (gross!), and she is crawling at ever increasing speeds. Right, gross. The latter isn't generally an option. No Andrea I haven't taken a test. It would be nice because I'd like babies close together but I HATE taking tests. I took SO many prior to M that the entire experience puts me on edge. AND the darn fargin things are SO expensive. It's times like these that I am kicking myself for not ordering the batch of tests that are like a quarter a piece online. Maybe I should do that tomorrow (payday!)

Speaking of pay, my cousin rotates the old folks jobs with me. When she doesn't work at her real job, I take care of the couple. Well, she informed me yesterday that she was getting super tired, which means I could take over full time. While this prospect is delightful, because the money would be, well, it would be heaven, the idea is exhausting. I could pay up some bills and burn through my "I want" list pretty quickly though. We shall see.

The local fest is in town and it is already a madhouse. That is the one thing that I hate. Since we live a couple of blocks away from downtown, and the festival is located downtown, our street gets flooded. And half the streets downtown are blocked and the other half are filled with people making it a bit overwhelming and hard to navigate. I do look forward to it every year though.

M is working on a traditional crawl, but with each passing hour it seems she gets faster and faster at the entire army crawl thing that she just forgets about the traditional crawl idea. And now that she is more mobile than before, she wants to stand. The good part of her crawling is that if she is in the middle of the floor and decides she wants me and starts to cry, she also starts crawling towards me. Ya I know I'm lazy blah blah blah.

Speaking of her crawling, she has her first war wound, a splinter. I guess it only to be expected living in such a big, old house with lots of hardwood floors. She doesn't want to stay on the carpet, and I can see that the hardwood is more conducive to sliding your tiny body across. Erich and I are going to have to get down on our hands and knees and scuff across the floor and do a bit of refinishing I think. But I only noticed it this morning when she was nursing, so it must not have hurt that bad or something.

There are other amusing things about this crawling business. Ella, my younger dog, is sincerely freaked out that M can actually get to her now. Gracy, the older dog, lets her crawl towards her until she can touch her once, then politely gets up and leaves. And T, well, T is frustrated. At first she thought it was fun to throw an object out and watch M go for it. That was until she was told that it isn't nice to "tease" her with an object then move it right when she was getting to it and/or taking it away quickly. As I type this, they are on the floor playing. T gave Magdalena some blocks and took some for herself. This would be an ideal scenario, except that M doesn't want the blocks designated for her pleasure, she wants the blocks that T is playing with. Suddenly, I have a very idea of what it is like to be in the Bean household.

Okay so this wasn't such a quickie. But I'm leaving now to take the girls to get some lunch at the fest. I can smell the aromas now and they are quickly calling us.

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