Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bitter Betty

Christmas is over for one side of the family. Yeehaw. And I'm glad it's over with. Let me just say though, that Erichs family isn't one for great gift giving and all. Not that I want to sound like the ungrateful bitch that I am, but ya know. My MIL gave Magdalena a christmas doll (that she bought while I was with her last year. I'm surprised she was able to hold on to it that long), some zwieback toast, and some biter biscuits. I'm really dumbfounded as to why she gave her food. Does she look malnourished or something? Oh and here is the kicker. She gave Magdalena a pair of pajamas that are 12-18 months. This would make more sense to you if I told you that Magdalena is just now starting to fit into 6-9month pj's and I TOLD her this before. She told me "oh she'll start growing really fast soon." Um, no? Weight gain and such tapers off at the END of the first year, not starts going like crazy. She's a good five pounds away from even being in the weight range for these pajamas. Well, I guess next year she'll have some warm pjs... urgh.

Here is where if you are recently pregnant/pregnant you stop reading because I'm about to go on a big whiney vent.

See, there are lots of people getting pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I'm really am happy for these people. But, I'm having a really hard time showing it. I'm really a Bitter Betty because **I** want to be pregnant. And my chart shows that nothing is happening down there and if I seriously have to sit through one more cycle of nothing to get clomid, I am going to go postal. It's hard to contain my unhappiness and let the happiness shine through for people who are pregnant. Because (I've said this before) I really AM happy that it worked for them. I'm really UNHAPPY with my body and it's inability to do one tiny simple thing... ovulate.

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