Wednesday, December 01, 2004


an update, but I have a list of reasons why it isn't going to happen tonight. I have a sore throat that is getting worse and I seem to think I've caught Erichs sore throat. I'm EXHAUSTED. Magdalena has ripped everything out of every drawer in reach so I must take these 45 minutes that she is asleep and pick it up before I go back up to her and get stuck there. (I put her to bed around 8ish and she sleeps 45minutes to 1hour and then I go nurse her again and she sleeps till about 1am.) My Xmas decorations exploded all over the living room and really really need to be sorted, tossed, or put in their proper home. My husband is extremely upset that the explosion occurred Sunday evening and I'm having trouble cleaning up the rubble. There are dishes to be done, floors to be mopped, and scratches on the wood to be dyed brown with Old English. (With Ella gone, there isn't a crazy dog running wild putting scratches here and there but mainly on the stairs. I'm happy to report that she is still alive and happy and healthy and Gracy is very happy to be alone again! :) )

The lady I watch in the mornings is in the hospital (due to my great care. I didn't make her sick I promise, but I did catch that something was wrong and got her to the doctor.) I'll post about that stuff later. Oy. It's been one helluva week in that part of my life.

Excuse me while I retire to my bed for some desperately needed rest.

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