Sunday, January 30, 2005

No strings attatched...

I've got no strings to pull me down...

Hey, I'm in my living room connected to the internet! I'm sitting on the couch! Erichs friend gave him a laptop yesterday that didn't work and he couldn't fix it. My super husband had it working within 20 minutes of getting home! Yeehaw! So today we purchased a wireless connection (something we've been talking about forever) and now he's in the office playing on the internet and I'm in the LR. That really rocks dude. No more fights over the computer AND I can be where the kids are and on the internet at the same time! I can take the internet into the kitchen and not run back and forth to the office to check conversions, search for subsitutes, or go to my alltime favorite recipe site www.allrecipes.com! Life feels good right now. :) Now I'm pretty sure I need to work on making sure everything else gets done in the house! :)

I need to go because Erich needs me to download ZoneAlarm. :) Now hopefully I'll update more often.

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