Monday, March 21, 2005

Double the Clomid, Double the Fun

With all the puking and pooping, my period and all of its glory was shoved to the back of the burner. While I am sad I didn't get pregnant this last cycle, it didn't surprise me. Erich and I admitted to each other Saturday that we both were kinda thinking in our head "why would we get lucky and get pregnant the first time like we did with Magdalena?" I call that the power of the mind. Oh and the fact that we were both super stressed during the "O" time of that cycle. We all had colds and my great aunt died. And with Magdalena sick, I didn't have the time to think and grieve about my period. I only had time to silently curse and call the nurse for a pad. (A gigantic plastic nasty pad BTW.) The next morning, I called my mom and asked if she could please bring me something since all of my cloth was at home and I really only have one days worth of cloth. (I just wash daily. I never buy more because I'm planning on getting pregnant! Then I'll stock up on PP pads) Anyways, she was sad as I think she was pretty hopeful and getting used to the idea of another baby coming.

So by the time I got home from the hospital, we were on CD4 and ready to start Clomid the next day. On Monday morning, I did get the call from the OB and I asked for clomid. I picked up the prescription and was surprised to find 10 tiny pills instead of the normal 5. I kept thinking, "they doubled my dose?" I always thought that since I did ovulate on 50mg, that they would just keep it at 50 mg. So, starting last Wednesday and through Sunday I pumped my body full of a total of 500mg of Clomid. The symptoms were awful. And now we wait for the O.

And I guess I should mention that during the end of the last cycle, I had dreams of four positive pregnancy tests. The important part of that dream was that the tests were store bought and not the internet tests we have been using. I also had a dream that I gave birth to twin boys. And my friend had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy. Since taking all of that clomid, I've had the twin dream two more times. I really think the double dose has morphed my brain. heh. So we're all hopeful around here and Erich and I are both thinking "why wouldn't it work this cycle?" :) I think we are all thinking that a Right Before Christmas Baby would be total bliss (and get me out of cooking a Christmas dinner!).

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