Friday, July 15, 2005

18 months (almost)

We had our 18 month well check today. Everything is great. Magdalena weighs a whopping 21lbs and is 30.5 inches tall. She is a petite little thing but hanging on to her growth curves of 25th and 10th percentile. :)

He was very impressed with her words and her initiative on potty training. When he picked her up to take her to the other side of the room and watch her gait, she RAN back to me. He thought that was really funny. We are officially the longest breastfeeding couple in the history of his practice! That puts a gigantic smile on my face. :)

Let's see. She received two shots and I'm happy to say we are done until she goes to school! Yay!

Right now I'm working on dyeing some flat diapers. It's for my business. We are having our grand opening in August 2005! So head on over to our site and sign up for the yahoo mailing list! If you forgot where we are:

Cloth Beginnings

My life is just incredibly exciting right now, huh? On Monday, we go look deep inside my body and see if there is anything growing. :) Erich thinks that there is something in there this time. I'll tell you that Erich is a prophet. heh. When I was newly pregnant with Magdalena, but hadn't tested yet, he swore up and down that I was pregnant and I refused to even think that. People, this was a few days after ovulation. He just knew I was pregnant, and he was right. So hopefully he is right this time too. Of course, after he tells me he thinks there are eggs in there I follow up with a zillion questions like "do you really think so?" or his favorite "are you just saying that to make me happy/so I'll shut up?" Believe me, he loves it when I ask a million questions like that. :)

Anyway, send me juicy egg thoughts. :) Even if they aren't fully ripe and ready to trigger on Monday, I'm so totally cool with that. As long as there is at least one in there (and dare I hope for two?)

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