Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh, My Aching ...

ovaries. There is definitely something going on in there. Lots of pressure, pain, tenderness and a general feeling of heaviness. I felt like that with Magdalena. Like my follicles were the size of rocks. So in my body right now my body is applying super power hormones (injected yesterday via my patookie as T calls it) to the follicles that have developed. The follicles should burst within the next 6 to 8 hours sending an egg out and into my fallopian tube. Hopefully the tubes fingerlike parts will sweep it safely into the tube where it will be greeted by Erichs boys. (yes, they should already be waiting there. heh) And don't worry, if they aren't there now, there shall be more visiting very soon. ;)

If I'm lucky, both eggs will be released allowing a greater chance for conception. We won't know anything for TWO weeks. Man. That's a stinking long time. And I can't even start testing soon because they will be false positives due to the trigger I took yesterday.

It is pretty cool that two days ago I saw follicles inside my body that could possibly turn into half of my son/daughter (s). It's pretty wild. I can say, "I saw you before you were even concieved!" Now that's crazy!

August 4th I go back to the office to have my blood drawn for a pregnancy test. I have to be there by 8 (I'm sure I'll be pounding the door to get in!) and they run the pregnancy tests daily (thank goodness!). I should know something by 5pm on August 4th. Mark your calendars. This is where it gets a wee bit tricky. If it's negative you'll know as soon as I know because I'll post. If its positive and the results come after Erich leaves for work, then you won't know until the next day. K?

And all of that information is pointless if I start to bleed before August 4th at which point we move onto Plan B. Plan B is painful and time consuming, so let's all hope Plan A works, k?

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