Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pokey the Pincushion

You guys seem to like it when I talk about my treatment rather than my boring chit chat. :) No worries, I know I'm boring. **wink** And truthfully the most exciting thing happening right now is my infertility treatment. Anywho.

Last Thursday, I had my drug conference. We went over how to give the shots and such. I found out that we aren't going to do Repronex (cheap injectibles) like we had previously thought. We are moving straight to the expensive stuff, Follistim AQ. From what I gather from Dr. Google, Repronex was a drug that imitates follicle stimulating hormone. (the hormone that "grows" follicles) The drug that I am taking, Follistim, is actually follicle stimulating hormone. Everyone with me here?

So anyway, after lots of drama talking to my insurance company and getting connected to the people who need to send me the drugs and reminding them that they are paying for them all, I got somone to agree to send it to me by Tuesday (yesterday.)

So last Thursday, we did my baseline u/s. My ovaries look normal, I definitely released the last eggs. In each ovary there were four (or so) tiny follicles. No cysts, so we are free to move on.

So yesterday I started poking myself. It really isn't that bad though. I managed to put it in a place that was numb (from my csection) and everything was dandy. Today it felt like a pinch, but I have a bruise now too so I think I may need to switch to the other side. That sucks, because the other side isn't quite so numb. My cousin (the one with triplets) called me a chicken. Heh.

So I'm feeling good right now. Glad to be moving forward, and I feel confident and calm about this cycle. I can't predict what will happen. All I can do is hope and pray and take care of myself and trust that Something Good Will Happen. Let's all keep chanting "Augusts pain brings Mays babies..." (And yes, I said babies. What's your point? Darnit if I have to poke myself every day for 9-12 days and then have another big shot and several vaginal u/s I better get 2 for the price of one! heh. )

On Saturday, I have a vag u/s and bloodwork. At that point they may or may not adjust my meds. I go back again on Monday for the same thing. We are looking at a tentative trigger date of next Wednesday, but that is highly subjective.

I'm off to bed. And feel free to ask me questions if I left something out that you really want to know. ;)

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