Wednesday, January 31, 2007

7.5 Months Old

I just sat down and updated Carmina's baby book. So I figured that I should post an entry on her. I can't believe that the first half of her first year is already gone. It seems like yesterday they were walking me into the OR and I said "no no no, I changed my mind." :-) She's an amazing little girl. She's starting to shriek a bit less and just smile. She can sit on the floor and entertain herself for a few minutes now and believe me, which has really improved my sanity and mood.

Magdalena and her seem to have a connection now and can actually engage in a form of play that both of them take part in, instead of Magdalena shoving stuff in front of her. Carmina definitely is showing us that she has a mind of her own and will protest loudly if Magdalena takes a toy away that she wasn't done with.

Her first tooth came in and I marked it down as January 25th, 2007. While it's cute, I'm going to miss gummy grins that will most definitely disappear in a few short weeks. She still nursing strong and has yet to experience her first solid culinary delight. We're hold off a few more weeks most likely.

She's still a petite, long baby. She has these amazing blue eyes that I can't get over. They have specks of gray, brown, and green in the middles much like my own Daddy's eyes. I'm told they still may change to brown, but I do feel like maybe they will stay like her Grampy Kevin's. My entire pregnancy with Carmina, I felt very close to my Daddy and had lots of dreams. Like Magdalena is my mom's special girl, I think Carmina would have had that extra special connection with my Daddy.

She's not yet crawling. I'm pretty darn sure she can do it, but chooses not to. She will stand next to things when you stand her up and give her something to hold on to. And I see her studying the way Magdalena moves and pulls up on things. Maybe she won't crawl at all? Who knows. She can however turn herself in a circle while laying on her belly, and she can even do that while sitting up.

Overall, she's a pretty cool kid. I'm glad we had her. :-P While I'm looking back at the last seven months and wondering how it could pass by so soon, I often sit and think about the amazing life she's going to lead and how much happiness she'll bring to the world. I already know she brings a lot of happiness to her Daddy and me.


Anathea said...

Happy 7.5 months Carmina (And Mama & Family!) It's amazing to settle with a new baby, especially a loving snuggly magical baby. ♥
Smooches on the noses of those cute girls!

rachel said...

wow - what a beautiful entry! I wish your dad could have met your kids, but I'm so glad you still feel so close to him.

I can't believe she's growing so fast!

Jenn said...

that was so very sweet!
i can't believe she's that old already!!!!!

Kelly said...

I just have to tell you that even though I love your updates, I LOVE checking every day because this picture is So Cute!! So I'm glad to see it everytime I check your blog :)