Monday, March 26, 2007

I hate the so called "experts"

This article irritates me. Especially the "slap on your wrist" tone in his writing as if he's looking down at me because I'm a so called "lazy" parent. But this paragraph really hits home:

"The fact is that children who co-sleep fail to learn how to put themselves to sleep, just as children who use pacifiers fail to learn how to comfort themselves. Problems of the very sort described by this nursing mother are typical when parents try to move a co-sleeping child into his or her own bed."

The fact is that my 3 year old moved herself out of our bed. *gasp* She chose to sleep in her own bed when given the choice to make for herself! She decided what was best for her, and she's never been back. Ever. Not one night has she ever begged me to sleep in our bed. And she puts herself to sleep. She can comfort herself! And she used a pacifier. So in my real life experience, I find his advice to be a bunch of bologna.


Anathea said...

OH such garbage. Maya coslept til she was just over two and then also moved herself to her own bed and also does not come back to our bed. If she needs a sleepytime snug it happens in her bed almost always. And Mollysky could not STAND to cosleep and got herself in her own bed at about 3 months old. I do bring her into my bed in the morning when timmy goes to work to nurse, but I doubt that'll be making her ill-adjusted to sleep the rest of her life.

These folks with their agendas are so maddening!! Know that there are lots of us out here like you! :) Speaking of which, have you ever been to MDC? (Mothering magazine's message board?) It's a wonderful place to commune with mamas of similar mindset, especially when you're feeling like the black sheep of motherhood! :)

Okay, sorry to ramble. love love.

Jaade said...

Yay for your daughter making her own decision to do that.

I think people tend to underestimate kids. Yes they are very impressionable. Yes they are very vunerable. However, just because a child cannot express verbally how they feel like we can, does not mean they don't understand situations put before them.

The little girls I nanny'ed co slept with their parents for quite sometime. Then the oldest decided she was grown up enough to go into her own at the age of 3, the 1 year old came close behind because she wanted to be a big girl like her sister.

Kudos to your outlook on this darlin!

manda said...

DD1 is happily sleeping (and going to sleep! Woot!) on her own. DD2 watches her older sister like a hawk, and if I was a betting woman, I'd say that DD2 might move herself to her own bed even sooner than DD1.

Gah. Garbage like that article just annoy the spit out of me.

Kelly said...

I can't stand Rosemond. He should stuff a sock in it.