Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Book Could be Addicting...

I left the girls with Erich and took off to the library for a few minutes this evening. WOW. I forgot how wonderful it is to browse through the books without someone going through and ripping all the books off the shelf while the other one screams "MOOOOM! She's taking all the books OFF!"

Anyway, I picked up this book today and wow, I could knit a lot of the stuff in here! Economical and fast! I've already seen several things that I like and will probably be doing. The only problem is that my to do list is already so long with knitting for work and for pleasure! We're trying to scale back Christmas and do only hand made stuff, which I did a lot of last year. THIS year though I'm getting smart and mixing it up. I'm not just doing knit stuff because, while knit is incredibly beautiful, it takes longer. I've got a mix of sewing, knitting, and crocheting on my list. I should really nail down the list and stop looking at books though and just stick to the plan! Only 3 months you know!

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