Friday, July 18, 2003

I just got back from lunch. Pot roast, green beans, and au gratin potatoes. Yum. Didn't really eat the potatoes and only about half of the green beans, but the pot roast was delightful. The worst part of eating seems to be that the food doesn't go straight to my stomach, it sort of lolly gags around in my esophagus making me feel like a baby that needs burped. **sigh** You know I had this conversation with my mother last night in which I told her my complaints really weren't complaints, but cries for reassurance. To hear someone say, "Yes! That happens to me to!" *thanks Diana* or "I remember that!" My mom says she enjoyed every single pain and discomfort of pregnancy because she was just so excited. This is also the woman that had a one hour labor and didn't feel a thing. She says we are lean mean Mexican breeding machines. ha!

Melissa had her baby. I'm going to go see her after a bit. Her c-section was scheduled for 8am. I heard the Brahms lullabye (which they play every time a baby is born in the hospital) at 9:41. I'm guessing that her c-section didn't go right at 8am. We'll see. Unfortunately I didn't finish her blanket last night. The bobbin ran out of thread and I couldn't figure out how to wind it again so I had to sew that last machine part by hand. All that is left is to stuff it with the quilt batting and put the yarn ties in. I should be able to finish that. She'll be here until Monday or Tuesday anyways, and it isn't like I don't know where she lives!

It rained again last night. All night. Knocked out the power at some point. I clocked in two minutes late, and boy do I hate that. The carpet in the basement is completely dried. I just need to finish steam cleaning them and I'll be happy happy happy. We are going to move the full bed out of the "nursery" and down to the bedroom in the basement. And we'll see if we can put that crib together. Mom wants to see it put together. And since I am 12 weeks tomorrow (yayayayaya! bbye first trimester!) I feel OK doing this. I want to paint to. I want to feel like there is a baby coming because there is, and January isn't that far away. At least I don't think so. Others of you might want to say "Hey stupid! It's just barely August!" But then January will be here before you know it and who will be prepared? Me! Also I don't think I want to paint when it starts to get cold and such. I don't want to do much of anything during the cold. And it always seems that when you paint you are always running out for stuff, more paint, new brush, etc etc etc. And I don't want to be on a ladder when I'm to much bigger. With my coordination these days, if you added in a bigger belly then my beginner belly it would spell out tragedy!

My list of stuff is piling up. I need to do so much! But when I come home from work it seems less important. That really bites. My house needs attention. My mom has been good to bite her tongue. I know though. I know it looks awful, but does everyone know that I am trying!? I really am.

Vacation next week. Woot! We will leave Friday and be back Tuesday but it is getting away from Indiana which I need. We will stay in a Motel for two nights, and that always makes it seem more vacation like! I hope they have swimming pools because I want to swim! We are going to my Nanas house in Tennesee for a day (we can't stay overnight since we will have Ella with us) but she lives on Norris Lake and we will hopefully get out on the boat and also see if Ella can swim! Maybe I should check into doggy life vests! ha! I'll look in a few for some cheap ones. :)

Tonight I am hoping that my mom will go with me to Kokomo, IN to see if I can find some maternity skirts. Yes, I've completely given up. All of my dressier clothes don't fit and none have elastic wastebands. I'm in my potato sack dress now. I just give up. I'm tired of being squished into things and being uncomfortable. And I don't have then $$ to buy another set of larger clothes and then another set of maternity clothes. Just won't work. So that's that. It's all about comfort here and I need elastic panel/waistband relief!

Well, I better get back to killing time at work, no wait that's what I'm doing now. I sure would have enjoyed a second helping of pot roast...

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