Thursday, July 24, 2003

OB appointment went well! :) She thinks that I did in fact pass a kidney stone. She thinks the soreness and tenderness will get better over the next couple of days. :) She is glad I was feeling better, and said she was very worried about me because the nurses said I was dry as a bone. :( But I feel better then ever in fact. :) I did lose a pound, but she said she figured I would since everything that I had been through. She found the heartbeat, but he kept moving so we couldn't count it. He kept kicking the doppler, saying " Hey lady, get out of here! I'm trying to do my gymnastics routine!" She said she wasn't worried about counting it since we heard the heartbeat and he was SO active! :)

I just finished lunch, frozen burritos with cheese on top. Yum... I have to gain back the weight I lost says the great OB. So that would mean something like 5 pounds in the next month or so. Since this nausea is gone, I definitely feel up to the challenge! In fact, the South Bend Chocolate Company has a booth set up right now in the cafeteria. I'm thinking chocolate turtles and some fudge. YUM! That will bring that pound back. ;)

After work I must do about 1 million things to get ready for this trip! I was thinking on the way up here how next summer, we'll be getting ready to travel with a 6 month old baby! wow. I think we are planning on trying to go to Mexico to see my Grandma and Grandpa. My mom and stepdad will go to (so Erich and my Stepdad don't feel so shut out by the language barrier!) My Grandma told me she can't wait to see my big fat belly in a picture and then hold her first gringo great grandbaby! :) Only 1/2 gringo though. :) They said they want to meet the giant gringo too! (that would be Erich since he is SO tall! Remember that I'm only 5'2" and my mom 5" and my grandma is something like 4'8"! We Mexicans aren't exactly basketball players!)

Okay I actually have to work now. Boo for work. Love to all.

*can you tell I'm feeling ten million times better?*

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