Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well, did you all know that my birthday is on Friday? **sings** "Born on the fourth of July..." The anticipation doesn't feel like it is there,though this is a "landmark" birthday for me. Probably the last landmark birthday until I turn 40 which is quite a ways away. But the usual celebration for this type of birthday will not come for me, which is absolutely okay. The reasons are well worth giving up the party. I feel somewhat melancholy though. I'm not quite sure why. I miss my dad too. He would have been so excited about his first grandbaby. And he loved my birthday, the fireworks, the BBQ. Holidays just aren't the same as they used to be unfortunately.

I have been working on a wish list. It can be found here. Most of them are breastfeeding books, I feel the urge to aquire some knowledge. I really want that book "it could happen to you" sounds like entertainment. I need a bit of that these days. :) Now if my supervisor would ever get back so I can go to lunch. I'm huuungrry.

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