Thursday, July 10, 2003

Why is it that my puppy dog, Ella, has to sleep in between Erich and I at night? I wake up with no covers because she anchors them to the middle of the bed and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to move. If she can't crawl in between us she sprawls across my legs. If she can't do that, she nudges her way up the side of me and sleeps in that little crook your body makes when you lay on your side. She even nudges her head underneath my arm so I have my arms around her. She is dying for my attention lately. She knows whats going on. It breaks my heart, but we are going to have to break her of sleeping in our bed BEFORE the baby gets here. I don't want her to associate baby as being the reason to be kicked out of bed. If she would lay at my feet (not Erichs, his feet hang over the bed since he is 6'4") it would be fine. I want a co-sleeper so I reason my body would cover up the opening to the sleeper. If she would stay at my feet like she used to it would be better but the farther we get in the pregnancy the closer she needs to be near me. I look at her and she loves me so much and I can tell just by her eyes. Is this what it will be like when I look at my baby?

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