Monday, August 11, 2003

Guess I forgot to update after my appt. I'll make this quick because it is about to rain cats and dogs. Lost another 1/2 pound putting me up to losing something like 20.5 pounds thus far. Wowee. Baby is fine (huge sigh of relief) heartbeat is very strong and so loud! My baby is getting much bigger. He did a flop (she had the portable ultrasound machine) and it definitely confirmed that the bubbles and "flops" I'm feeling is baby moving. yay. Went ahead and canceled next weeks appt and set an appt for 4 weeks from today so on Sept 8 we will have an appt and an ultrasound to check cervical length (I had a LEEP this year so part of that organ is gone for good! eeps!) and hopefully baby will confirm that he is a boy and delight his daddy and disappoint his daddys mommy! lol I told her today that I keep thinking it is a boy and I have boy vibes and she whined, " but I want a giirrrllll" I wanted to say "too bad!" but I refrained.

Erichs grandma, who is already in kidney failure, went in this morning for her dialysis. She coded during it. :( They brought her back and she is in the hospital and they finished the dialysis for the day. They think she is in congestive heart failure, so we may be picking up to go to Missouri again. We'll see. More later.

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