Monday, September 08, 2003

She's got a way...

For all of the impatient people out there, **cough** Rachel **cough**, it appears that this baby may just be a girl. Or it could be a boy. They weren't 100% sure. She/he had their legs squished together. But when you looked at the butt shot like Shanas there wasn't anything in between the legs. Dr. said that she'll make up a reason to have another ultrasound in a few weeks. :)

I was happy to know that the spine is very much closed, the intestines are INSIDE the body and she has really really really long legs, just like her 6'4" daddy. :) I am going to call her her. Looks like a .... Ha! You thought I was going to say her name huh? :) Maybe I will in a few weeks. It's such a beautiful name, right Rachel? ;) So lets' call her a girl, though I won't stock up on pink. I'm not the hugest fan of pink anyways. I think I'll paint the room the same green as the kitchen cabinets. That would go for boy and girl, yes?

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