Thursday, September 11, 2003

The Three Little Pigs

Remember me talking about my cousin who is having triplets? Well, she had another ultrasound on Tuesday. Baby A is 2.3 pounds, Baby B is 2.5, and Baby C a whopping 2.6! She will be 30 weeks tomorrow. All three were head down but Baby B seemed to wiggle out and is laying across the other twos feet. Little stinker! I told her that he was probably getting really squished! We are hoping she makes it at least another 2 weeks. 32 weeks is what they hope for with triplets. If she makes it to 34 weeks, she'll have another scan for growth and position. Yay! She has already had a shot of steroids to speed up lung development and is already 1 cm dilated. I'm thinking 32 weeks is all she will make it.

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