Sunday, December 14, 2003


It's snowing. It dropped at least two inches on the ground between last night and this morning. Tomorrow is our ultrasound! yay! I really don't know why I'm that excited, but I am. I want to know how much she weighs and to know that she definitely is a she. I had a dream the other day that it was a boy instead. In the dream I had gone in for the ultrasound and ended up actually having the baby then. Which would be fine by me. :) (As long as shes healthy of course.)

I bought her snowsuit yesterday. It's very cute, not exactly what I wanted, but it will work. My mom called to tell me that for xmas her and my stepdad decided to buy us the playpen/bassinet. That is what I'll be using in our room. She said she also through the boppy on to the order but didn't tell my stepdad. heh. She said he may be a bit "surprised" when he gets the bill. Things seem to be coming together, maybe because I had an absolute meltdown with my mom the other day about the stuff that I still need and such. I guess she'll always be my mom and take care of me, huh?

We're going to their house now, so I'll update tomorrow after the ultrasound. :)

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