Friday, December 12, 2003

Jury Duty

I just received a letter stating that I am a "prospective" juror for the fourth quarter of 2004. Couldn't they have picked me for first quarter? Then I could say that I was pregnant/in labor/caring for a newborn. Bah. It's inevitable that I will have to be on a jury at some point. And why didn't Erich get a letter? Oh and it says please fill out the application and return it to the court within 14 days or we will hold your ass in contempt of court (those are the exact words! I swear!). Anywho, this letter is dated... November 1st. Sweet. At least they sent me an envelope with a stamp on it. Heaven forbid they try to pry 37 cents out of my fist for their jury duty. heh. I'm going to bed.

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