Thursday, February 19, 2004

I suck

I really suck at blogging lately. I think about something I should blog about literally twice a day, but never come around to do it. :( Magdalena, her daddy, and I are doing great. Erich and I are loving parenthood and finding it quite easy, actually. Everyone said how rough it would be and how we would be so frustrated and tired, but really that isn't happening. Magdalena is a very happy content baby and rarely cries. When she does cry, it starts out as little grunts and frowns and generally revolves around her diaper or eating. We are now starting to transition more into cloth diapers. We were just using the fitted diapers that Rachel sent us because they were the only ones that fit her. We are now using up the disposables at night, and using cloth during the day. The prefolds are still a bit big on her, but we are trying to use them. I just have to be super careful and listen for poo! Erich gave me "permission" (I don't have to ask permission, we just discussed it) to buy more fitted diapers. His reasoning was he would like to not have to wash diapers every1-2 days, but every 3-4 to cut down on energy use and water. We are hoping to put a utility sink next to the washer this summer so I theoretically could just use a "wet pail" method down there. We would collect diapers upstairs and at the end of the day I'd go down and throw the days worth in the sink and soak them. :) I bought kissaluvs from the outlet store size 1. The size one is supposed to be for 10lbs to 25 lbs and we figured that would be a better buy for us then size 0 which goes to 15lbs. She really is probably only about 7.5lbs at this point, but we figure that with the cover, we'd be better off with size 1. :) So I have some questions to answer.

Emily asked:

now that you have the baby, is there anything that is not what you expected about parenting? Something that you thought you had figured out before Magdalena was born but her arrival blew out of the water for you?

I didn't realize just how fascinated I would be by her. I'm still blown away by the fact that my body MADE her. She came out of me. I still get teary eyed hearing her cry because I can still hear that first cry when only her head was out and her little body still inside of me. Erich and I talked about how things affect us differently. Our thinking process has changed. When we hear about kids being killed, we aren't only sad, it makes us literally sick. We think of how it could affect our lives. She has fit in perfectly. I thought that I may be a little sad when it was three because I may miss the times Erich and I had alone (not that I wouldn't be thrilled that she was here!) but I don't. We have some alone time and we have family time. My favorites are in the morning when he comes and kisses us good bye or on the weekends when all three of us lay in bed and nurse and watch TV. I love seeing them together. I'm excited to watch her grow, and a little sad that she won't be tiny forever. :) I'm excited for the next one, knowing how much joy she brings us, but we are focused on enjoying her and being a family of three. :) I'm also blown away by how easily this has all come to us. How perfectly she fits and how I'm not exhausted, frustrated, and at the end of my rope. Is that wrong?

Rachel asked:

I guess my questions are pretty dull, but how are nursing and slinging going?

We really haven't been using the Maya sling. She is so tiny that she gets swallowed up in it and it literally just pisses her off. But we have been using a Nojo sling, sorta like a bjorn. She seems to like that. She can look at me and lay her head on my chest and that pleases her. I am looking forward to the Maya sling this summer when she has good head control and we can position her so she can look out. I'm thinking it will be much easier for us then. (which reminds me I have something for you Rachel!)

The nursing is going great. She eats like a champ. I'm amazed by how my girls just stepped up to the job. We are using the shield mainly at night because shes tired and I'm tired and we are sorta working on the latch still. Not really working, just sometimes it takes a couple of shots. When we get better at it, I'll remove the shield at night. Really that is the only time she will take it. During the day she seems to have more trouble with the shield then just latching right on without. :) I have an overabundance of milk, (anyone need any. ha! just kidding). It seems to be trying to even out but no such luck yet. We tend to only nurse on one side at each feeding because she gets to much otherwise. I don't want to shorten the time at each breast, because I've already had a run in with Mastitis (that b*tch) and really need to empty each time. I'm amazed that she is thriving and it is all because of me. Everything she is, is because of Erich and myself and that is a great feeling. I've really only had one bad night, in the hospital, when the latch was horrible, and I was blistered. That is the only time I've ever thought, just give her a bottle. But we got over it, did NOT give her a bottle, and life is great. I'm proud that she has never had formula. (THIS IS NOT LOOKING DOWN ON FORMULA USERS!!!) I just had issues before with myself that I may not be able to do this, but I am doing it, without supplements, and that does wonders for my self esteem.

She goes to the doctor tomorrow and I go next week. I can now upload on fotolog during the day so head on over there. I'll update about the appt tomorrow and her weight. Promise! Any other questions? Did I answer the questions you had? Oh, I hear her waking up. The princess calls...

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