Friday, February 20, 2004

30 days

I have about two minutes before the Princess wakes up. Shes been asleep since we got home at 1130 from the doctors office. She got a shot and it was a spectacle. She cried, I cried. and the nurse almost cried too. (probably at the sight of me!) We nursed right after and all is well. I told her it probably hurt me more and cringed at hearing myself say the load of bologna my mom always told me that I hated. But, **sigh**, it's true. She probably doesn't remember it now and I remember it VERY clearly. Anywho, she now weighs... drum roll... 8lbs 5.5oz!!!! Thats 22oz in two weeks, or 1.5oz a day! Way to go Mommy! :) And she is an inch longer. She really is growing. **tear** Shes a very cool little girl. She has put herself on a loose schedule but tends to eat all morning, take a long afternoon nap, and eat and look around in the evenings. At night, she takes a bath (which she loves) and then we nurse and she sleeps between 3-5 hours. After that she goes back to waking every 2-3 for meals. She is really on the verge of smiling with meaning and always wakes up with a smile on her face. She really is the bright light of our lives and we feel truly blessed. :) Okay, 1 minute left to finish eating my pototaes and get to her!

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