Friday, March 19, 2004

Sick Bay

(I think that is a title Rachel has used before. heh.) It's been an awfully long week. I've been sick. (In Real Life it sounds more like "Ah'm siiiiiiiiiiiick." :( It started a sore throat on Monday which I thought was allergies cause of all the dusting I've been doing and the warm temps. (it was in the 50s) Monday night I wasn't feeling well at all with a vice around my ears. I was sneezing, congested, coughing, my ears hurt, and the headache not to mention the aforementioned sore throat. Tuesday morning I had had enough and wanted something strong to treat the symptoms. I went to the doctor and told him, "I want something for symptoms and if I should need antibiotics I don't want them. I don't want to deal with thrush." To which he said, " you're getting to smart for your own good!" Anywho, the medicine has been helping a bit though the runny nose has gotten worse along with the cough, but the vice around my head is gone. Erich now has a sore throat so we've been dosing him up with some tylenol and Vitamin C. Magdalena has been doing great until the night before last when I noticed she was a bit congested. It seems better now, and she hasn't been fussy or acting like she is hurting. We had her two month checkup today, he said she looked a little extra mucousy but not anything to fuss about. She now weighs 10lbs and half an ounce and is 21 and a quarter inches long!!! So she caught up in height with her weight and is beautiful. He said she is obviously not a big (fat!) baby and is beautiful and well behaved. She "talked" to him the whole time he examined her and even opened her mouth and said "ah!" He said she certainly knows how to open her mouth wide! I am convinced that her first word is going to be "wider" because I say it to her almost every time we nurse! She got 3 shots. Erich talked to her, I held her legs, and two ladies gave the shots (two at once, then the third) I cried, M cried, and Erich looked sick. It took me a minute to calm her down enough to nurse her but she eventually nursed and fell asleep. I woke her about 1 to feed her and change her and she fell back to sleep until about 4:30 when I gave her tylenol, changed her and nursed. She nursed again at 630 and again at 830 when I gave her a little more tylenol. Her legs obviously hurt, cause she gives me a hurt cry when I change her diaper, and shes running a very low fever. She is now sleeping and I expect she'll be up before midnight to nurse again and then settle in for the evening. I'm still feeling sick and her feeling bad doesn't make me feel any better. It is so much harder to be sick and be a Mom. It seems there is no one to take care of me! And I can't just crawl into bed, cause she needs me! Anyways, Erich's home now from work so I should go. Have a great weekend.

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