Monday, March 15, 2004

Busy Little Bee

Things have been super busy around here but for the life of me I haven't a clue what we've been doing!!! Magdalena seems to be getting bigger by the day and sweeter too. She smiles more often and she is gaining control of her voice. She loves it when someone whistles to her and she responds with "oo"s and "ah"s. The other day she cooed in the car to the Dixie Chicks. Her eyelashes have been getting longer to, making her even more beautiful when she sleeps. She recognizes me and more importantly her Daddy. She has discovered the joy of a moving object and loves to lay in the crib and watch the mobile. And that is all she likes to do in the crib. If I lay her for a nap in the crib or the bassinet, she screams as if I've left her forever. Daddy also made a smart move in bringing out the play gym. It buys me time to eat a meal and today she was batting at the toys with her hands. She did it a couple of times with her feet too! She is still eating like a champ without any crutches (the shield) whatsoever. We have discovered the joy of the Maya sling too and she loves to be in there watching people around her, her Mommy, and taking naps on her favorite "pillows." We are very successfully cloth diapering too, which over joys me! I sometimes IM some family members who didn't think it would last. I say, " well I just finished washing a load of diapers! I love cloth diapering!!!" hehehe. I've also got one of Alicia's friends interested in it and I think they'll be coming over later this week to learn of the joys of cloth diapering. I'll be teaching her about the different types of diapers and so forth. I seem to be getting a bit more daring with how often I wash. I've been averaging about twice a week the past two weeks or so, washing on Sunday and Thursday. I washed Thursday the 11th and didn't wash again until this morning!!! We were down to about 7 diapers or so! Eeek! I'm constantly trying to stay on top of the house. The dogs have been spending a major part of the day outside when the weather is above freezing. It helps me accomplish things around here and keeps the "dog smell" at the door which I like. The neighbors may hate me but I do try and get the dogs in around 5 (I let them out around 9 or 10am) when everyone is getting home from work. I better eat soon though, before Miss Diva wakes from her nap. I'll try and stop in more often. :)

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