Monday, June 07, 2004

Rise and Shine

New week-- I'm up again at what feels like the crack of dawn. I'm much more rested though. Yesterday I slept in until noon! Well, I nursed and slept off and on, but it was wonderful. I have some sort of sinus issue right now and I'm not feeling to great. Magdalena sounds really congested so I'm going to look for something to help her out. I kept picking her up last night and laying at a forty five degree angle to help drain some stuff out of there. I figured that if my nose drains when I change positions that must work for her too. She is becoming such a little person. When I lay her down to sleep at night, she doesn't usually stay in the position I layed her in. Like a "real" person, she moves around in her sleep now. She also knows where the food comes from because during the day she takes a nose dive into my shirt when she's hungry. She was doing that when Erichs grandma was here, luckily she found it funny.

While they were here for Memorial Day, somehow the conversation shifted to breastfeeding. Erichs Grandma was telling us how they are now suggesting that you breastfeed until six months. **add shock and horror in right here** And that a lady at their church breastfed until at least two years and she thinks that that is a little to long. **add dropped jaw here** Erich and I just kinda looked at each other and just kept eating. I know the older she gets, this is going to be a subject that is approached much. **sigh** I was really proud of my mother in law though. :) She said that she got pregnant with Erich right after she stopped nursing Mitch, E's older brother. So Mitch and Erich are 23 months apart, which means that Mitch nursed until he was 14 months old! :) So I guess I have an excuse until for a little less than 10 months on why I should still nurse. :)

Today, I'm taking T and Magdalena to see Alicia. T can wear her self out play with the boys and Alicia and I can get some light shopping done. Should be tons of fun, right? Probably not. :) (Accept the part of hanging out with Alicia, that is always fun!) I'm not sure that Alicia is loving my new up at the crack of dawn self. :) She was used to me coming in the afternoon, but now since I have T and I'm up and need to be home by 3, I come earlier. I guess she could tell me to stay at home right? Okay I should make breakfast and hit the road. Have a wonderful day.

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