Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I'm your stalker. Not in real life silly, here on the world wide web. I check blogs at least several times a day. Usually, you haven't updated. Wah. I do this in an effort to not do anything at all. That's bad. Really really bad. Especially when yesterday my house looked as if it had puked itself up. I hate that. But its better today. I am not better though. I'm still having sinus issues and it feels as if my brain has puked itself up. I'm tired and worn out and if T weren't here, I'd be in bed. I did take my liquid codeine and that helped very very much, but I still feel awful. Bleh.

We have story time at the library today. Thank goodness for someone else who reads these blasted books. And Nana and Pa are coming in, who are also T's Nana and Pa. She has to nap and we have some movies for her. And of course there are two meals to eat today, so it won't feel like she is here that long, right? Did I tell you that she is here an average of 50 hours a week. Thats a lot folks. That's about 200 hours a month. That is more than I worked while I was pregnant and getting paid well.

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