Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Ups and Downs

I'm feeling a bit better. Not 100% okay, but bearable. Part of it all may be hormones, as Mother Nature (that bitch) decided to come back after about 15 months (ya know, 10 months gestating, 5 months breastfeeding). I'm still exclusively breastfeeding, but am one of the lucky few who find themselves fertile again. Guess my body thinks it's time for another one! :) Maybe I should talk with Erich...

Let me say that you, my few readers, and every single person on my blogroll ROCK my world. I consider you all friends and care about each and every one of you. If I had a secret stash of never ending cash, I would be touring the country right now to meet each and every one of you. I hope Magdalena will someday find a network of friends like I have. To name just a two (not excluding any of you), but Jennifer dropped me a line saying she sent me a birthday gift. She is the coolest most thoughtful person I have never met. If all people were 10% of the person she is, we'd be very lucky. And Rachel. I have the privilege of having short conversations here and there on the phone or online with her. She is a super cool Mom and person, and I always walk away from the conversation feeling like I was talking to the coolest kid in school. It's a great feeling.

Have I mentioned that I miss reading AndreaQ?

That's all for now. I went to a friends house today and she helped make me a sling to take in the pool. (It's a beautiful sling, but not quite as special as my Maya so I needed one to "ruin") We also made some diapers for her son, and I took pride in feeling like the crunchy mama I am. I look at Magdalena and feel like I am doing *something* right and that's a super good feeling. I don't feel that way often, and I hope others feel the same way too. I'm going swimming with Alicia tomorrow. Yay. Water. I love water. Magdalena loves the bathtub. Here's hoping she likes the pool too.

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