Thursday, July 15, 2004

Busy Bee

Sorry, I've been super busy lately.  I had T yesterday and we went to the library for storytime.  I was actually running late, but not to worried about it since I always get there early and everyone else is late.  Well, when I got there, she was waiting on us and some other "regulars" to show since it was a small group.  Heck it's the middle of no where in Indiana, they always have a small crowd.  hahaha.  Anyways, I was able to pick up some books for the girls for the summer reading program and browse some magazines and cookbooks for myself.  Erich has been desperately wanting to see "the Bourne Identity" which he asked the library to order.  They did order it, last year, and it went into circulation.  The problem is that I can NEVER get the damn thing.  It's always checked out!  And you can't reserve DVD's or VHS so that sucks bigtime.  I've also been trying to catch "Cheaper By the Dozen" and "Win A Date with Tad Hamiltion."  (As you can see, I'm not looking for a real movie to make me think!)  We've talked about Netflix, but we can't see spending $22 a month at this moment, but we may try it out in the winter when we can get our money worth.  So where was I?  Oh the library.  Magadalena does really well at the library and everybody drools over my sling and says how gorgeous Magdalena is and how cool the sling is.  Yada yada yada. 
She's at this cool age where she can roll around, yet she can't crawl away just yet.  (I say just yet because she is terribly close to crawling and when she rolls on to her belly, you can see her surveying the area.  I can almost hear her little brain saying, " now that would be cool to peak into...")  So I've been taking a blanket and I lay Magdalena down with a quiet toy and get on the computer to search the catalog for my selections of the day.   I try to find a computer that is out of the flow of traffic but where you can see people going about.  Magdalena LOVES this.  She rolls onto her belly and just watches as people check out books and walk in and out of the door.  It's fun.
I have both T and Magdalena enrolled in the summer reading program.  They said I could enroll to, but hell, if I'm reading them books when am I going to fit in books?  The books I like to read are longer books and since I read, oh, five or six pages at a time, I'd never get that many books done in eight weeks.  (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to read, it just seems that I can only read in the potty these days since Magdalena demands so much time.  And I generally only go to the potty for an extended period of time once a day! TMI?)  Anyways, with the program they get prizes for every 2 books they read.  They always have these junk toys and books.  You get one prize each time, unless you are a bit behind like us.   I generally get a book for Magdalena and T gets some assorted piece of junk. 
I made two loaves of bread yesterday and conquered a mountain of laundry.  Today I made a batch of flour tortillas and a batch of corn tortillas.  I also made spaghetti sauce with pasta and potato soup.  The potato soup left something to be desired.  I had planned to make a batch of PB cookies, but didn't get to it.  I also had planned to mop the floors downstairs and didn't get to that.  So I really MUST do that tomorrow along with the cleaning the carpets upstairs. 
We had a Dr. Appt on Tuesday.  Magdalena weighs 14lbs 12ounces and is 24 3/4 inches long.  She is doing wonderfully and is way ahead of the developmental milestone chart according to the Doc.  He gave me a hard time about co-sleeping, but didn't have an answer for me when I asked him how many high schoolers he saw sleeping with their parents still!  :)  He almost jumped out of his chair for joy to hear that she had had no solid food whatsoever.  I'm not sure if we're ready to start just yet either.  Her tongue ejection reflex is getting better, but she still doesn't "mooch."  We'll see.  Of course, my mother is dying to feed her table food. 
I have T tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't rain.  She's so funny.  Yesterday I told her that we were going to clean the house and she said "Really!?? Can I help too???"  And if I say, I'm going to wash some diapers she'll say, "yay!  I want to help!" 
I gotta go.  The princess is awake.

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