Friday, July 16, 2004

Since when is eating in a restaurant make someone else uncomfortable?

W. Branch restaurant faces new criticism
Taking the "nurse" out of nursery: Why I think the folks at LAC are a bunch of boobs
Edited to add:  If I'm in a restaurant with a nice sitting area in the batheroom that doesn't stink like a landfill, I'm more likely to go in there to nurse for Magdalenas comfort.  She doesn't like covering up with sling and generally likes to look around.  If there are lots of people in the restaurant, it's hard for her to concentrate on eating.  If the restaurant has a batheroom with no sitting room and/or it stinks like a landfill, I'm not going to go in there.  *I* don't even like using public batherooms, so why would I make my daughter eat in there? 

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