Friday, July 09, 2004

Growing Pains

I just took a peek into Magdalenas mouth and her left bottom tooth is poking through. Just a corner, and the rest of the gum is very clear. Her right bottom tooth is bulging through the gum so I'm sure it will be following soon. I'm excited for her, but sad. I'll miss those gummy grins, though I'm sure she'll look just as cute with teeth. Now do I make a not that it broke the gum in the baby book now? Or wait a day or two so I can see the entire tooth. She was really "working" on her butterfly teether yesterday, so I guess she did some good work!

She's also rolling both directions without problems now. I bought the stuff yesterday to do some baby proofing. I'm not a huge babyproofer, because I think if I babyproofed everything she wouldn't learn that it is forbidden. Don't worry, I am babyproofing dangerous stuff. She'll be crawling soon. She sits unassisted for lengthy times now and she leans forward and reaches like she is just going to crawl off. And on her tummy she can pull her knees under her and lift her head up, though when she gets her belly off the ground she collapes. But it's just a matter of time. I'm so sad and happy for her!

Maybe it is time for another baby? Hehe.

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