Thursday, July 22, 2004

My How They Grow...

Magdalena is moving.  Inch by inch, slowly, scooting across the Living Room floor.   I noticed this yesterday at Alicia's house.  I set a toy out of her reach and about five minutes later she got to it.  Yes, she moves slowly, but the point is that she's moving.  And she rolls completely over all the way across the living room floor, until she bumps into something.  At which point she whines for me to move that something (or her) or she starts in the other way.  And she sits unassisted, did I tell you that?  She has been for a few weeks now.  Oh, and this morning while at Nana's Erich and I watched as she got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth.  I have no doubt that once she gets going, it will only be a short time before she's up on two legs. 

She hasn't had any solid food yet.  I think that people are just plain sick of asking and me telling them no, cause they seemed to have stopped asking.  heh.  :) 

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