Friday, August 27, 2004

Old McDonald's Farm

I need a chicken farm. I know, that sounds a bit crazy. T's diet is basically made up of two things: chicken and eggs. She LOVES boiled eggs without the yolk. I HATE boiled eggs, so it is especially tramautic for me to boil the darn things then peel them and dig out the yolk. Yuuuck. She also likes chicken nuggets. This girl gets lots of protein.

I'm thinking that a chicken farm might actually help save me money. Well, maybe it wouldn't, but it would be nice just to go outside and get the egg instead of having to go to the store. At the beginning of August, I had three dozen eggs in the fridge. T polished those off last week. This week, I bought a dozen eggs on Tuesday. She just finished them off today during lunch. Sheesh.

My BIL sells free range chicken eggs, but they live an hour and half away, and Erich says it isn't worth it to save 50 cents. heh. We could go visit my inlaws, but then I say that it isn't worth the 50 cents. :) We have another baptism class tomorrow morning in an area that has a farmers market. Hopefully I can pick up so eggs there. I've never been to a farmers market though, do they sell eggs?

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