Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Since August began, I haven't been to Alicia's house. Now this is a big thing considering I'd previously been going at least weekly. We had fun. We ran errands and waxed our eyebrows. Waxing eyebrows is very barbaric, but very very worth it. I look like I have woman eyebrows again. Let's all say "Yay for womanly eyebrows!" I also gave myself (with Alicia's help) a malibu treatment and a deep conditioning. My hair is silky smooth and soft. Heck, if I get into the shower today I'll look like a super model. :)

Alicia had her old toys out while I was there. Now, I grew up in a duplex. We lived on one side and Alicia lived with her sister and dad on the other side. Her old toys are toys that I grew up playing with too. And since they were older, they were always very cool and had neater ideas than I could come up with. We had her cabbage patch kids out and Magdalena was very thrilled with one. When we went to pick up Caleb from school, Magdalena was playing with the CP in the carseat. When I peeked back at her, she had fallen asleep holding the CP hand. How cute is that? So, that's another reason to buy her her own cabbage patch kid. I could let her play with mine, but then what will I play with? I plan on making her a sling for christmas so she can carry her babies around in it. :) I should probaby make T a sling too, cause she put on my sling and said "look I could carry the baby!"

I convinced Alicia to let her CP kids take a swim in the washer, and they came out really clean. She was all freaked out thinking that their heads would be full of water. :)

Another big thing that happened yesterday is that Magdalena moved up to a big girl carseat. She outgrew the infant carrier length wise. She turned 7 months old on Saturday. My girl is growing up. **sniff** She weighs about 15lbs and is awesome. While at Alicias house, she sat up from a lying down position. In church on Sunday, she kept pulling herself up to a standing position on the back of the pew. She also has been rocking on all fours for 3 or 4 minutes at a time. She moves her legs, but can't figure out the balance of moving her hand forward. Eventually, she just lays down and rolls to the desired object. She gets around pretty well that way, and wouldn't be surprised if she just skipped the whole actual crawling stuff. She still scoots backwards pretty effectively. She's wearing 3-6 month clothes now and they fit her well, but she still has a lot of room left in them. :) She is still exclusivly breastfed and there aren't any plans in the near future to start the solids.

I have lots of plans today, but mainly we are all going to nap and take it easy. T was sick yesterday and M had crappy nap days both Sunday and Monday. And I'm super tired from our bike ride this morning. My concentration today will be on laundry and SLEEP! :)

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