Monday, September 27, 2004

The Poop Station

Heh. That title makes me laugh.

Julee and Manda asked me about my minishower. For Manda, you can find installation guidelines here. It was really easy to install, though I did have Erich do the installation. What's the point in having a husband if I have to do those sorts of things myself? :) I'm really loving the minishower though. It is working well and I think it was a good investment. Rinsing diapers off does remind me a lot of my work in nursing homes using hoppers, but the smell is definitely not as bad and there isn't AS MUCH of a mess to clean up, thank goodness.

I've set up what I fondly refer to as "the poop station." Our bathroom downstairs is near the the stairs leading to the laundry room. I chose to place the hopper in this bathroom as it is the nearest to the laundry room and we change most poopy diapers down here. And the occasional poopy diaper upstairs, can easily be transported downstairs. :) I bought a cheap stainless steel trashcan that has the foot push/lid open system to store the diapers in. I'm going to carry wet rinsed off diapers downstairs nightly to keep little kiddies out and such and so there won't be so many. The poop station seems to really be working well. Just rinse of the diapers and then drop in the can. Wash hands. Repeat. It makes me really happy, and I have to say that my life is REALLY sad when a poop station makes me happy.

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