Friday, October 01, 2004


We are in Snotland. Miss Magdalena has her first upper respiratory infection complete with fever. She went to bed last night fine, she seemed a bit stuffy, but I was thinking that she was allergic to the organic peaches that we gave her for lunch. She was up off and on last night and really just wanted to stay on the breast. At about 5 am she really freaked out, her nose was almost completely plugged. Both Erich and I got up with her and noted she was clammy and feverish. We gave her some tylenol, suctioned her nose (no she didn't like that) and went back to bed. (Actually Erich got up. He's been having problems sleeping through the night. He even got up at 3am the other day and stayed up! He'll sit up and say "I'm up for the day." The single phrase that I think annoys me the most.) Anyways, I made a mental note to call the doctor seeing that it is Friday and T has a snotty green nose too. (grr.) We had an appointment at 2:20 and I spent the morning wiping snotty noses, suctioning them, and being irritated that my poor baby was sick. (And my subconscious blames starting solids and T. My brain keeps saying, " She never got sick when she was EBF." And everytime I see T with a snotty nose it seriously makes me annoyed. Is it just me?) Anywho. She has an upper respiratory infection. I'm about to go pick up some abx and some dimetapp which will hopefully clear the snot so we can all sleep. Her fever is responding well to the motrin and tylenol I've given her.

She also had her blood drawn for a lead level. The renovation we did on the house when I was pregnant and since she was born makes Erich worry constantly. So they are doing the test a bit early. We actually had to go to the hospital since she was under 1 year and it was horrible. We did get all of it done and she seems fine now. T and M walked away with stuffed animals. M for being so brave and T for being such a good girl and sitting still and coloring with the crayons and coloring book they gave her. She also got a scooby doo sticker, I'm telling you that girl cleaned house. :)

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