Thursday, October 21, 2004

9 months

Magdalena is 9 months old today!

Here are the highlights!

  • Last Friday (10/15) she started pulling herself to a standing position! Now she is a standing fool!
  • She is moving right along on the eating solids train. Her recent favorites include yogurt and cottage cheese.
  • She continues to be the happiest baby on the planet.
  • Keeping all her happiness in mind, she is also the worlds biggest baby diva.
  • She is still nursing. And it's fun nursing an older baby! She now talks to my **clears throat** chest when she is hungry. She must being saying," now I'm hungry, so get that milk ready to go because I don't have all day to sit around. There are SO many toys that I NEED to play with!"
  • She is crawling on all fours about 75% of the time now. She saw the triplets do it a few weeks back and now she must do it too.
  • She does all that cool stuff on the floor, sitting from laying down, crawling, rolling, army crawling, and pulling herself up.
  • She's into EVERYTHING.
  • She's starting to recognize "no." For instance, "no Magdalena you can not chew on the electrical cords. Your daddy doesn't like it." (I always say because Daddy doesn't like it. I'm the good guy, remember? heh.)
  • She's a daddy's girl. Mommy's great ya know, but Daddy rocks her socks off.
  • She's loves her little tikes kitchen playset and can play with it for hours.
  • She twiddles her hair at night when she falls to sleep.
  • She is currently saying three words: mama, dada, and ella. (All dogs are Ella.)
  • I'm transitioning her into 6-9 month clothes, though 3-6 month clothes fit best but are a bit on the short side. She wears a size 0-6month Robeez shoe. (She has the little pink kitty ones.)
  • She has four teeth: two uppers and two lowers. One on the bottom is bulging and she is chomping on her fingers a lot, so I suspect she'll have 5 teeth pretty soon.
  • She currently weighs 16lbs 6.5oz and is 26 inches long.

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