Tuesday, October 19, 2004

**insert clever title here**

I'm around. As always I'm super busy and finding it hard to come in here to blog when the baby wants to play in there. I'm also trying to figure out how to insert "clean entire house" into my afternoon schedule when all that seems to fit is "sleep with baby." **sigh** To make matters worse (or better?) I'm starting to work 4 days a week next week with the old couple. This means a lot more money, but a lot less time. I'm thinking it will be better when I have T less or not at all. Honestly, I'm kinda hoping for the "not at all" category.

I'm also still working on the photo project. I need a picture of my kitchen, which I'll do tonight. I promise. Really, okay? And I have to do Dani's requests.

I guess I'll just let you in on the fact that Erich and I are on the TTC wagon again. I'm filling very mixed about this, but I know it is right. I have an appointment on November 22 (I made this appointment the last of September and Nov. 22 was the soonest they could see me, crazy huh?) to see the OBGYN to try and figure out how to go about this while nursing. I'm definitely going to have to go on Glucophage again which I do believe is breastfeeding compatible. I needed clomid for Magdalena so we'll see what happens. Please do not flame me here for my decision to TTC again or how we have to go about it, okay? I can't take it. I'm too weak. I'm also on a major diet. I'm calorie counting with a sliding scale of 1500- 1800 calories a day. I'm doing well and really proud of myself and already starting to feel a difference.

Okay, Magdalena needs me. I'll update some more with the TTC plans.

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