Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Work I Go...

I've had lots on my mind lately. Lots to update about, but of course as I sit down to type I can't remember a thing I wanted to write down. I have some pictures to post that Allison and Dani wanted to see for that photo project thing. I've yet to be able to take a picture of us as a family. It seems I constantly forget and weekends are crazy and that is when the three of us are together.

The furnace guy just left and they will be coming back on Friday to install the new furnace. We are going from a 50%-60% efficient furnace to a 92% efficient furnace with an ultra cool media filter that is supposed to suck 80% of the dust, dust mites, and general crap that is in our air. Of course, the cost of this new furnace is raping breaking me. But it takes money to make money. Then there is that gas leak thing.

The newest electric/water bill came since having our ultra cool super efficient front loading washer. :) It's $20 less than last month! :) We are looking forward to saving even more money with a furnace that isn't sucking the life out of us too. We will be able to watch how it affects the actual charge of gas, but we won't feel it since we are on a budget and pay the same amout year round for gas. They will readjust our rate but that won't be until next summer. We're hoping that the increase of gas they are predicting really won't hurt us with the new furnace and that we'll break even or be a bit better off. We'll see.

I started this entry to tell you guys what I am doing when I am "working." I know you guys know that I take care of an elderly couple at an assisted living village place but I thought you might be interested on what I actually do.

**From here on out I will refer to the couple as Jack and Jill to protect the innocent and what not.**

I'm there five days a week now. I generally get there between 7am- 7:30am and leave around 12:30pm. Tuesdays I don't leave until about 1:30 because Jill gets her hair done. Basically I'm there for Jill, but Jack needs help as well. He can't remember to take his medicine so I'm there to give him a gentle reminder. He has some real mood issues to say the least. The tiniest thing can set him off. I was told that he has a brain tumor that affects him, but to be honest, I think the mood swings seem more dementia related. So I try to stay away from him as any tiny thing will set him yelling at me. He walks with a cain and I've already had a dream that he beat me with it, so I steer clear if you know what I mean. ;) I apparently wear a sign that says, "beat me please" because I've been hurt multiple multiple times in nursing home situations.

So I'm mainly there for her. I get her up and take her to the bathroom. I help her dress and brush her teeth and comb her hair. I do her accu check and make her breakfast. I also give her her meds too. After she's up and eaten and such, I tend to go and tidy the apartment. I make their bed, vacuum, wash dishes, empty trash, and do general tidying. Remember, during this entire time I've also got T and Magdalena to tend to. And on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have to run T to and from preschool. On Tuesdays, I strip the linens and wash all the sheets and blankets. On the other days, I do other laundry. He has accidents so I try to do a load every day or at least every other since things sometimes get odor-ous. Tuesdays and Fridays I give her a shower which is a bit of a task. And Fridays I set up all of the AM and PM meds for both of them for the next week. I take her to the bathroom upon her request. Every other Thursday she gets her nails done and every Tuesday she gets her hair done. :) I take them down to lunch then come back and take care of T and Magdalena's lunch. (Magdalena's lunch has to be the easiest. heh) I do have some idle time. If Magdalena is asleep than I can do some needlework or read a book.

They have a two bedroom apartment. In the back bedroom there are some toys that Magdalena can play with and a TV. I try to only let T watch educational videos or PBS and Sesame Street and such. I feel bad because she watches entirely to much TV but I try to compromise by never letting her watch TV when we're at my house. I'm mean and make her play with toys and use her imagination. ;)

Gee, that doesn't sound like much does it? But I do feel like I'm constantly running while I'm there. Do you have any questions about what I do?

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