Friday, November 05, 2004


I'm tired. Dead tired. I keep going to bed early and filling my night with 8 hours of sleep but it isn't working damnit. Magdalena is cutting two teeth right now. The others have always come in pairs, but one at a time. These are coming out together and the girl is driving me nuts. She doesn't know what she wants. She wants me to hold her, now nurse, now set me down, NO pick me back up, nurse, I don't want to nurse... do you get the picture? Her most annoying habit right now is that she wants me to hold her while she pushes me away. I go to set her down (because she's pushing me away) and she SCREAMS! Those bloddy teeth. Teeth are EVIL. My lack of sleep is probably not helping matters AT ALL.

The furnace boys are here. I say boys because, seriously, these guys couldn't have graduated high school. Heh. Are they getting younger or am I getting older? Don't answer that. Oh, and Furnace Boy #1 is drinking my last coke. Grr. I offered so it's my fault, though I didn't realize there was only **one** left. They've been here since before 8:30 am so I was being nice. I just can't get another one right now because well I have to be here since they are here.

I guess this post has nothing important to reveal. So move on...

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