Friday, December 10, 2004


Okay, so here is the lowdown. I started my period again. It is obvious by my last chart that ovulation did not occur. Dr. B (my obgyn) wants me to cycle 2 more times and then we can do clomid.

At the appointment on November 22 we talked about my PCOS. She believes that I am very borderline if I have it at all and was not pleased with the way things were handled last time. She thinks that since I didn't bleed when they gave me clomid that I might have already been pregnant or ovulated on my own. She doesn't have a problem with TTC and breastfeeding but she wanted me to wean when I got pregnant. (Heh, that won't happen but I thought it best to leave that discussion for another day) So three cycles (1 down and I'm in the middle of the 2nd cycle) and then the drugs will come my way. I don't have to wait the 6 months since I have a previous diagnosis of infertility due to PCOS. Wee.

Before anyone may think of leaving a comment and flaming me for my decision to take clomid while nursing, please know that I have done my share of research on the subject. I have made an educated decision with the help of breastfeeding peers who have taken clomid, LLL leaders, LLL friends, and my healthcare provider. Please know that I would never intentionally do anything that would harm Magdalena, myself, or any future children.

We did talk a great deal about a VBAC and how my labor was handled. I'll have to address that in a different post, but it was very interesting. I'll try tomorrow, okay? :)

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