Friday, February 11, 2005

Why Did They Rob Me?

Today started out so well. I went to a see a friend who is staying in a hotel to go swimming. We had fun in the pool and such and then went back to the room to rinse off and give the babies a bath. I heard my cell phone ringing and answered it. It's a credit card company saying that they think there is fraudulent activity on my card. And there is. An hour earlier someone had tried to charge over a $100 at banana republic. Obviously, it was a good thing I had told the credit card company my dress size when I applied for the card, because any sane person realizes that not only would I not buy Banana Republic, their clothes would not fit me. Hrmph. Not only that but they also had other charges through the week amounting upwards of $600. They denied the BR charge and I'm not sure about the other charges. I've been locked out of accessing my account online. They've closed the account and are starting an official investigation. Grr. This really really really ticks me off. I feel so violated too. Grr.

On a good note, when I got home there was a box from Adagio Teas with a starter set and a teapot. Lovely. It's delicious. I'm sitting here, fuming about the unfortunate events of my life, and drinking very very delicious tea.

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