Saturday, March 12, 2005

I Can Hold Out On Testing...

but my husband can't. :) He made me test at 13dpo. And at 13dpo he saw a very very very very very very very faint second line. At 15dpo, he made me test again and it was negative. Heh. So I went to the doctor to get my blood drawn. I ran out of tests and I'm dirt poor. Why am I paying for insurance just to sit there? They should have had my blood work back by days end, but didn't get a chance to call me. :( Still no signs of AF. And my face! Oh my face has broken out like it has never ever ever broken out. I didn't even look this bad as a teenager! So something is going on. I'm well aware that you aren't supposed to test until at least 18dpo to reduce the risk of false negatives, so please tell my husband that. :) I should know more Monday. I'm prepared for a negative result. I am still hopeful for a positive though. My mind says "Maybe I'm pregnant and it's a boy because my face never broke out with Magdalena. I'm not puking, though I'm a bit queasy. And it's taking forever to find out..." So who knows. Sorry to keep ya hanging.

Shana (and Manda): I didn't get a temp this morning because I woke up with a toddler puking. Two baths later, an hour, and puking every five minutes I loaded Magdalena into the car and we enjoyed our First Visit to the ER. We spent the morning there and after blood tests and Xrays we ruled out pneumonia and ear infection and crap like that. (You should have seen the look on the Xray techs face when I told her I may or may not be pregnant. I think she wanted to make me test before she would let me in the room! But I prevailed and I was there to comfort my babe and my maybe unborn babe was covered by a sheet of thick lead. So everything is OK. ) So we're home and she is still puking. I called the ER back at 3pm and asked for a script for phenegran suppositories. She had that at 3:30 and she can have one every 12 hours. Problem is that she is still puking through the medicine so I'm wondering how long we continue until we go back to the ER for some dehydration. So yeah no temp this morning. Sick baby. I guess she wanted to take my mind off the waiting. heh.

Shana, do you have a site back up? If you do let me know! I've missed you! Email me with the email at the top so we can catch up, okay? :)

Manda, I promise to email you soon. I'm so looking forward to the mail on Friday. :)

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