Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ovaries! And Elbows! And Legs! Oh My!

Okay, so Mamabear implied that I haven't updated my blog. I'm really sorry. Things have been busy, and I haven't really been feeling that great. So here is my update.

Today I am 7dpo. I think I had a pretty clear ovulation, with pains and mucous and temps. Gross, huh? I'm pretty sure we timed this correctly. (As a side note, it's so much harder to muster up the energy to procreate with a toddler around. I'm pretty sure it didn't take so much effort last time. heh.) I was a bit crampy pre-o and a bit crampy post 0. I was really crampy for about an hour in the evening at 5dp0, which someone thinks may have been implantation. Here is a link to my chart. You can see Magdalena's chart on the same page for reference. I have a pap on Monday. I'm hoping she can give me hope or confirmation or something. Sunday I will be 10dpo, which means I could possibly get a positive test. This 2ww business is rough.

The lady I take care of in the mornings broke her elbow really bad. She was with her daughter when it happened. She also has a hairline fracture in a hip. She had outpatient surgery and they sent her back to the assisted living place. I deemed it completely inappropriate for her to be in that environment and said that I wasn't able to take care of her in this condition. She needed/needs nursing home care until the cast comes off of her elbow and she has some physical therapy. So she is in a swing bed in the hospital. I feel like the Bad Guy for sending her out of her home, but really I think it was the best case for everybody.

Magdalena is walking. She toddles just about everywhere these days and it is absolutely adorable. She learned how to eat with a spoon too, I just have to scoop the food into it first. She is a lot of fun. She currently has 10 teeth! Both molars on the top have popped through and I feel a third molar. Poor baby has been miserable the past few days. She'll ask for cheerios then put one in her mouth and scream in pain. :(

Not much else going on. Just hanging out and waiting to test.

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