Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sadness and other things

Time just seems to fly. Here is a recap of what we have been doing.

Saturday we left early and went to a festival. We did some shopping and got a few things that we needed/wanted. Erich bought a really nice executive chair and I'm calling that his birthday present. (His birthday is on the 22nd of June.) We ate dinner here and it was delicious! Erich wasn't a fan but I liked the dish I had. When we went home we did some major reorganizing. We finished the floor in Erichs office/guest room downstairs. We moved the sewing room which was on the main floor to the downstairs into the TV room. The former sewing room on the main floor became the play room. No more toys in the LR. yay. And I spent all week last week getting the nursery on the top floor back in order.

Sunday we had company. Magdalena had fun with her friend. Erich and his friend did who knows what downstairs. And my friend and I pickled cucumbers.

This week I've been getting ready for our trip. We leave Friday night and we'll be back next Friday.

Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help with some sewing. She is going to help me with the labor aspect of my business. It will help a lot and light a fire under my butt to get some stuff going.

On to sadness. I'm bummed on the TTC front. It isn't happening and it bugs me. I'm cycling correctly but I'm just not getting pregnant. The friend that is helping me is pregnant and it's so hard to be around her. And all of my online friends who were TTC are now pregnant and it just hurts so incredibly much. If I get another high temp tomorrow, fertility friend will confirm ovulation. This month would yield a Valentine Baby and a 25 month spacing. But I know in my heart that it won't be. The heartache is just unbearable.

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