Monday, January 30, 2006

She's Such A Big Girl

**sniff** Magdalena is growing up WAY to fast for my liking. She turned two on the 21st and was able to blow out her candle all by herself without any help. Oh, so bittersweet! So here are some highlights on the little girl.

  • She loves loves loves Elmo aka Belbo and can spot him anywhere.
  • She can walk up and down the stairs holding the rail.
  • She uses forks and spoons like a pro. :)
  • She is now really getting the hang of language and picks up at least 2 words a day.
  • Erich and I really like to here her say "morning!" when we say good morning. It makes us both smile.
  • She is having a bit of separation anxiety now that she has put the expanding belly and the talk of baby together in her mind.
  • She still loves to nurse and asks quite often. A few days back I tried getting her to ask and say please. Now she comes up to me and says "durse, pease!" Melts my heart everytime.
  • She can count to two.
  • She gets the jokes on Sesame Street and on the tapes.
  • She loves to hug and kiss and will actually let other kids hug her now.
  • She's all girl. She squeals with delight, runs to her Daddy when he comes home, dances, sings and is 100% sugar and spice.
  • She loves babies. And she mothers her dolls like a little Mommy should. I find her wiping bottoms and faces and hands and putting cloth diapers on the dolls. She's going to be a fabulous big sister when she figures out that the baby will demand our love and attention too. :)
  • She still sleeps with us. Though she is now sleeping the entire night in the crib attached to our bed. My belly kinda pushed her away from snuggling up to me. Heh.
  • She can put herself to sleep. So "neener neener neener!" to all the people who told me if I nursed her to sleep, she'd "never learn to do it on her own!"
  • She loves the bathtub and she loves to sing "that's belbos world!" at the top of her lungs in the bathroom.
  • The only thing she doesn't really like is being told "no" heh.
  • Her last appointment she appeared perfect and came in at a petite 24# and 31.5" tall.
  • She can pee on the potty when she is left naked. She still can't tell the difference between panties and diapers, but I never showed her to pee on the potty, so she'll get there eventually. With a new baby on the way, I'm not exactly holding my breath.
  • She loves to eat. There isn't anything she'll turn away. She is not picky and happily tries new things. (**knocks loudly on wood**) When people ask me how I got her to "do that" I always tell them it's because I never pushed her to start solids and let her tell me, even if that meant exclusively breastfeeding her until she was 8 months old. :P
That's all I can think of right now, but believe me she gets cuter and smarter every single stinking day!

Tomorrow is the big U/S for Neo! Coincidentally, it falls on January 31st which was Magdalena's due date back in 2004!

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