Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More Ultrasound Details

Little baby girl was very willing to show us who she was yesterday! She weighed in at around 6.5 ounces and measures perfectly for dates. She has a super long femur bone that measures way ahead of the rest of her body, just like her sister did. Having a Daddy who is 6'4" probably affects that! She was very active, probably a result of the tall iced mocha decaf coffee that I drank before to get her going. She sucked her thumb, smiled at us and was throughly a happy baby to watch.

I found out that the placenta is anterior which is why I feel like her movements are a bit weird and why most of the movement is down low. That's a bit of bad news for Erich since it will be a while longer before he can feel her move.

And for a bit of comparison sake, at 19w2 Magdalena weighed in at 9 ounces and at 19w2 this baby girl weighed in at 6.5 ounces. As I told Imacmom, I apparently don't "grow 'em big!"

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