Monday, October 23, 2006

She's Alive!

Super super busy around here. So a quick life in bulletin points:

  • Magdalena is doing the Letter of the Week curriculum. She is beyond amazing and has really taught Erich and I how incredibly smart she actually is! ( We already knew she was smart in a this is my kid and she's smart kinda way, but this has surpassed our expectations.)
  • Carmina started rolling from tummy to back at the end of September.
  • Carmina has also started batting at toys and spending more amounts of time awake. She is a very smiley baby and has been laughing and giggling.
  • Magdalena has become quite the social butterfly. She's enjoying hanging out with little people her age and grandparents and all of that good stuff. She then usually talks about her adventures for many days following.
  • Erich has decided that he's ready for another baby. He's thinking blue now.
  • We are getting ready to do our hugest house fixing ever. We are installing 26 windows, 2 doors, and are going to paint the house!
  • I've been a knitting fool. My list grows and grows by the day of things I want to knit to.
  • We've figured out what we are getting the girls for Christmas. It will be a very small Christmas this year due to all the house renovations, but they'll be warm this year. ;)
  • I'll be buying those gifts probably this week so that I can avoid scrambling to find gifts in December like I did last year.
  • I'm still posting pictures on Flickr. Go check it out or tell me your username so I can add you. And I post super secret not safe for public consumption stuff on my LJ. :)

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